Inventure Academy RS Youth Parliament


Our youth today need to be informed and aware of problems that exist in society, and be the catalysts for positive changemaking. The Inventure Academy RS Youth Parliament was conceptualised as a platform to begin this changemaking journey.


Our goals for the conference are to teach our children:

  • Important wider-world skills, like communication, collaboration, conflict-resolution and negotiation;
  • To appreciate the interconnectedness of the world and how it impacts both problems and solutions – to empathize with others and take a 360 degree view of the problems of all stakeholders
  • How to gain knowledge that will help them make impact – how laws are made and how citizens can have an impact; coming up with lawmaking solutions that work for all important stakeholders
  • The importance of media and responsible use of social/media

We achieve this through exposing our youth to different perspectives, dialogue between nations and the process of decision-making through a blend of the Model United Nations (MUN) and Model Parliament (MP) frameworks. Our young delegates will also witness the journey of resolutions passed in the UN General Assembly and UNESCO to a nation’s Parliament, through participation as delegates of the Model United Nations General Assembly or the Model UNESCO, or as members of the Model (Indian) Parliament – Model Lok Sabha or Model Rajya Sabha.


The following are the outcomes we envision from each committee:

Outcomes of Model United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)

Resolution to be submitted to the Model Lower House for acceptance as a whole or in part  – recommended changes to further strengthen & implement policy / laws related to the Impact of conflict, violence & displacement on children

Outcomes of Model UNESCO

Resolution – recommended changes to further strengthen & implement SDG4 with respect to the above in their assigned countries

Outcomes of Model Lok Sabha

Create an MOU aimed at drafting and implementing appropriate policies and legal framework in India.

Outcomes of Model Rajya Sabha

To create an MOU aimed at drafting & implementing appropriate policies & legal framework in their assigned countries

Model United Nations

Model United Nations

Started in 1920s as a League of Nations simulation, the Model United Nations (MUNs) have now been around for almost a century. Post-1945 it became a United Nations simulation and is now conducted across the world as an enhancing co-curricular for high-school and college students. From honouring alliances to abiding by meticulously formulated laws, the world of Model United Nations is meant to engage students, help them develop deeper understanding of current world issues and promote negotiation, speaking and communication skills.

Our youth have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with policies, principles and regulations governing different countries, and proposing diplomatic solutions that are realistic and productive both globally and locally for their assigned nations.

MUN no longer comprises of only the traditional committees of the UN, but has continually reinvented itself to include even committees that may not be part of the UN. MUNs the world over are a rewarding activity for our youth to learn or hone their skills in public speaking, critical thinking and in-depth research.

Model Parliament

Model Parliament

The spirit of the Indian parliament is not “I” or “You”, but “We.” It is in relation to this quote that Inventure Academy developed the concept of a Model Parliament, an accurate stimulation of the parliamentary bodies in India. Taking part in this event would truly offer an unconventional opportunity- to broaden one’s perspective and learn about India and it’s constantly shifting dynamics, as participants would discuss topics specific to India.

The Indian parliament serves as an expression of the faith that the people hold in the principles of democracy. India’s bicameral legislature is representative of the people’s voices and of the citizen’s sovereignty. The two houses of parliament are the Rajya Sabha, translating to council of states, and the Lok Sabha, essentially meaning the house of the people. The Rajya Sabha is termed the Upper House and the Lok Sabha is termed the Lower House. Together these two houses, along with the President constitute the Parliament of India. Participants would represent the members of parliament and delve deeper into the world of politics, debate, parliamentary procedure, and bill legislation. They would also brush up on their public speaking skills, their research ability, and would engage in problem solving and solution forming. Taking part in Model parliament offers the youth a chance to be creative, innovate and catalyze change.

Considering the fact that India is on the verge of emerging as a real global presence, it is important to understand the obstacles that bar India from reaching the next level of development and growth. We urge you to contribute to our goal of sparking a beneficial change and ask you to join us in tackling the prevalent issues India faces today.

Please click here to watch the Model Parliament Video.

The Inventure +Changemaker Program

The Inventure +Changemaker Program

The Inventure +Changemaker Program is a platform to teach high school students to be advocates of positive change, in their neighborhoods and beyond. This program helps students make a social impact using entrepreneurial and design thinking. This program is run by a pioneering teaching-learning community of academic experts, parent-entrepreneurs & activists, Inventure management and faculty. Students have worked on a number of projects including, crowdsourcing information on the quality of our water and rejuvenation of our water bodies, solutions towards our traffic woes, exploring social and environmental issues pertinent to today’s youth, improving learning in Government Schools (and thereby reducing the school dropout rate) through the use of technology.

Please click here to watch the video of our Changemaker Program.

Participating Schools

  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai
  • Inventure Academy, Bangalore
  • Mayo College Girls School
  • Parikrma Centre for Learning
  • Pathways World School, Aravali
  • Punjab Public School
  • Sarla Birla Academy, Bangalore
  • Singapore International School, Mumbai
  • Sunbeam School, Lahartara