Inventure Academy

Inventure Academy is amongst the Top 10 schools in India and the Top 3 schools in Bangalore/Karnataka (Education World-CFore Survey 2017). Established by the India Learning Foundation in 2005, we offer a Preschool to High School (PreK-12) program, and are affiliated to the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) – IGCSE, A/AS levels, and the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) – ICSE and ISC.

The Inventure learning model is unique, holistic and progressive. Placing our students at the centre of everything we do, we determine how and what we teach based on the defining questions: Is it relevant to the lives of our students? Will it help them to thrive in an interdependent, globalised and rapidly changing world?

To address these challenges, we have built a learning community that embraces students, parents, educators, the people that surround us, and the wider world. While we nurture the distinct identity of each child, we also foster a sense of belonging where everyone learns to work and play together.

Our curriculum is interdisciplinary and integrated, reflecting life as our students experience it. We make no separation between curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular. What we offer is an all encompassing curriculum that balances academic rigour with the creative arts, sports and community service, while focusing on life skills of adaptability, ethics, critical thinking, problem solving and risk taking.

Inventure is guided by a set of Core Values that translate into tangible and measurable school practices. We believe these values enable us to offer every child compelling learning experiences – from encouraging the Inventurer to strive for academic excellence and venture beyond it; to helping children use their multiple faculties to think in connected ways; and perhaps most significantly, to realize their inherent potential, so they can step into the world with purpose and confidence.

Our Core Purpose

We aim to instill in students the ability and conviction to realize their full potential, be socially responsible citizens and excel anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

Each student will excel both academically and in one chosen co-curricular activity, and be prepared for life.

Our Core Values

Nurturing Individuality and Teamwork

We believe that each child is unique and has infinite potential. We also believe that working in a team towards common goals furthers this potential. Multiple opportunities are created for students to develop distinctive identities as well as help them discover and articulate their individual roles within the group.

Providing Maximum Exposure

We offer students and teachers a breadth of exposure and a culture that inspires creativity. Through this, we endeavour to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of a globally connected world.

Inculcating a Passion for Excellence

We aim for the highest standards across all areas of growth and development within our learning community.

Instilling Integrity

We cultivate a sense of fair play, accountability and transparency in everything we do.

Encouraging Sensitivity

We respond to and encourage sensitivity to each other’s cultures, individual needs and differences. We especially foster awareness and respect for the environment.

Fostering Dynamism

We are an evolving institution that constantly assesses and refines every aspect of our functioning, be it teaching and learning processes, our systems and communication, or our approach to education as a whole.